Friday, August 2, 2013

A New Kind Of CREEPY!


My Wife and I rode to Virginia City here in Nevada last weekend in July just to give ghost hunting a little try. My wife and I love ghost stories so we couldn't wait to visit the Washoe Club and the Crypt, where we heard there was a lot of ghost activity.

We entered the Crypt and turned off the lights. We didn't feel or see anything strange. We kept going in and out, turning lights on and off, hoping to see something. Three women came into the Crypt after we left and were taking pictures of each other with the lights off. I asked one of the ladies if they wanted me to take a group photo; they were thrilled that I offered, and handed me a camera and a cell phone.

After I took picture #1, I looked to see if it was a good shot, and noticed a black figure to the left of one of the women. I used the cell phone to take picture #2, and there was an orb where the black figure was in the other photo. Immediately, I showed the women the camera and the phone ~ they were talking excitedly about the pictures!!! I was disappointed that I didn't capture anything on my own camera.

Later in the day, we happened upon the same three ladies walking along one of the streets. We stopped, and I asked if they would mind sending me an email with those two pictures, as I hadn't captured anything myself. They told me that soon after we parted, both photos turned white on their cell phone and on their camera, and there was no way to explain what happened to them, "Weird" I thought...... I can't wait to go back!.
We then ventured to the haunted St. Mary Louise hospital, now known as St. Mary's art center. This historic property in Virginia city is quickly becoming a hot spot for ghost hunters.

At 14,000 square feet, four stories tall and resting on 5 1 / 2 acres of active land, the old hospital staff continue to loyally perform their duties of the day. The building was commissioned by bishop manogue from St. Mary's church in Virginia city, NV, 135 years ago this year. The staff consisted of 6-7 sisters who resided in the attic and attended to the patients in the old public wards as well as the private rooms.
These sisters were known as the daughters of charity. The first patient was admitted on March 14, 1876 for paralysis. On site property managers who have also been investigating the paranormal for the last 6 years, experience unusual phenomena on a daily basis.

Day or night, the spirits do not have a preference. Sounds such as heavy boots walking the halls and stairs, rolling of carts and gurney's (on hard wood however, the above floors are carpeted) , marbles rolling on the wooden floors, ladies conversing down hallways or in other rooms, shadow figures have been seen regularly (even during the day) , class A EVP's have been captured, phantom smells of rubbing alcohol, vomit, vapo rub, sterile scents, flowers, pipe tobacco, etc., have also been lurking the hallways and rooms. Several impressive photographs have been captured by many tourists without any explanation. Batteries have a tendency to go dead really quickly in certain rooms and light anomalies as bright as a flashlight have been captured on film (and no, it was not a flashlight).

Full body apparitions have been seen by the property manager inside the building as well as on the front lawn. This historic building is now an art center with 5 art galleries and  15 guest rooms if any of you feel up to the challenge to gather up your courage and spend the night with these unrestfull spirits. So if your ever ride into Nevada, Check out Virginia City cause we had a blast!  

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