Friday, February 21, 2014

Meet the Fugawi's


     Have you ever been watching TV and wondered to yourself, “Man, it would be really cool to hang out with that actor or actress (Steve Mcqueen or Kate Upton for example)” Most of us think something along those lines but actually making it happen is a far reach from our remote controls. 

     As it so happened, I recently had just this opportunity fall into my lap. I had seen a few episodes of the History Channel show “ Meet the Fugawi's”. A show about a motorcycle club on the east coast who are really just a group of fun loving guys who have a passion for all things that run on two wheels and have a motor. While watching I thought to myself,  “wouldn't it be cool to hang out with those guys”. I was amazed the next day at work. I had told one of my co-workers about the show and how cool it would be to hang out with them. My co-worker astonished  me and actually set it up for me to meet with the Fugawi's in Las Vegas. Apparently they were on a trip down that way and would have some time to hang out.

      I wont bore you with the details but the short of it was that LRS agreed to meet up with the Fugawi's at the Harley Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas to do an interview and present them with some of our windshields.
     They were an amazing group of guys and what surprised me the most about them was how easy going and fun they were to hang out with It was just like the TV show, only I didn't sit in a lazy boy with my hands in my pants.
      One of the things that we learned while at dinner is how the Fugawi's got their name It is actually a spinoff of the F-Troop from way back when, when the Indians were lost, they would say where the Fugawi (Where the F#$@ are we) and the MC who consistently would get lost on their rides would use the familiar cliche often enough to adopt the name as their own. 

 Over the course of the interview we discovered that the Fugawis and Long Ride Shields share some core values and we took away a great message from the Fugawis mission statement. The purpose of the Fugawis:   To promote the positive image of Motorcycle Clubs and the passion that we all share for true brotherhood and the open road.    

     At long Ride Shields we have a similar purpose, to make performance products for those who share our passion for motorcycling and the freedom that motorcycles offer, products made for bikers by bikers. and we are happy to sponsor the Fugawi MC with some of our favorite windshield products. 

  We really enjoyed learning about their values and thought that they were above all things a blast to hang out with for a night in Sin City. We are,  I’ve posted the short interview below, give it a peek and let us know what you think.