Monday, August 12, 2013


You may think that your skin is safe from the elements once you plan out your trip, saddle up and ride. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Most people know there's another environmental factor to watch out for -- the wind.

Your skin has an outer layer made of molecules called lipids; they keep your skin moisturized and protect it from the wind or F.A.B. When the air is cold, however, your skin contains less moisture. As a result, the elements can break down these lipids and harm your skin more easily. The wind friction can cause the redness and skin irritation commonly known as windburn or F.A.B SYNDROME (Facial Air Burn).

Although F.A.B. most frequently targets the face as your riding, it can affect any exposed area of skin. The stronger and colder the winds, the more susceptible skin becomes to F.A.B. F.A.B. is especially common among people involved in riding and having fun with there bike. The increased speed and possible blast from the wind causes more friction and less fun, which can lead to uncomfortable chafing, bugs in your face, wind buffeting, and facial expressions that would scare the dead. You're especially likely to get F.A.B Syndrome if you get off to a fun ride without your LRS Shield and head out into a blast of winds . People with LRS Shields don't often get F.A.B. Syndrome because it causes the wind to go over your head 3 more inches and what man wouldnt want 3 more inches.

 F.A.B Syndrome may feel like sunburn, and because F.A.B. is more likely to happen in the winter (especially for those who ride in winter season without an LRS Shield), the two irritations may coincide. Luckily, LRS has the cure for windburn or F.A.B.  If you want to find out how to prevent and treat F.A.B. Syndrome, head to and shield yourself from F.A.B. and dont be another statistic.

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