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Robert's Napa Valley Cruise....

 When you think of California perhaps you think of smog, movies and the Governator. There's another side to California though, and our friend Robert spent a day exploring the beautiful country of the Napa Valley. Robert was kind enough to spend some time talking to us about his ride.
     Just over the mountain from Reno, Nevada along I-80, lies the Sacramento Valley, and beyond that, the Napa Valley. Robert started in Reno, rode the winding mountain passes of the Sierra's and into Sacramento. From Sacramento he headed towards the coast. He followed the scenic California coast and into Monterey. Following a stop to take in the scenery and fuel up, he turned his bike back towards the Napa Valley and wine country. After spending time winding through the vineyards and estates of Napa he decided to head on back to the desert, and rode back through the Sierra's to Reno.

     Robert described his ride as great. He said the weather held out for him, and it was warm and pleasant. There was little traffic and he had easy going the whole way. We're glad Robert shared his ride with us. Not many people in our area of Reno realize that there's such a great ride just hours away. If you get the chance to explore Napa, take it, you won't regret it...

We were also lucky enough to have Robert test a shield for us on his bike. He has a vision for his perfect prototype LRS Shield, so we made him one and sent it with him. He thought his "Aviator" designed shield performed great, keeping the wind off his chest, and allowing just the right amount over the shield. He said the shield performed great overall and had good aerodynamics at speed. Thanks for your ride report Robert, and for testing the shield!

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