Sunday, July 28, 2013


 After a thousand miles of motorcycle riding and one sleepless night in a tent clenching a flashlight my Hunt for the ever elusive Bigfoot has come to an end. Three days of riding through the forest and visiting with the locals of Humboldt County has led to nothing less than an excellent adventure and one tired explorer.

Upon arrival in the sleepy little town of Willow creek, (which was nestled well within the emerald triangle in Humboldt County) We made our way directly to the Bigfoot Museum where we had arranged a meeting with one of the worlds foremost experts on Bigfoot, Her name is Peggy McWilliams, a life long native to the area. Although she admittedly has not seen the furry giant herself, Peggy has heard almost every tale and been witness to many persons who have had a close encounter. She 100% believes in the creatures existence and hopes to one day come face to face or foot to foot with a genuine Sasquatch. She donates her time to working at the Museum so that others can believe like she does.

Peggy told us many things about Bigfoot including his many other various names, and spotting throughout the world. She told us about how we could attract a bigfoot, by leaving out chicken or Hot Dogs, or by whistling in the woods. We were told to keep an ear out durring the night as often Bigfoot will throw rocks at your tent or scream through the forest night. She told us to treat the Bigfoot with respect, and told us to heed the stories of the native Americans who claim the Bigfoot anciently worked side by side to garden and harvest crops with the natives. Peggy regaled us with several encounter stories, all of which made me nervous for camping latter that night.

Perhaps the greatest thing that Peggy told us in her interview was this: Who are they to tell us he (Bigfoot) doesn't exist, simply because they have never seen or heared one, although there are many who have....... If they have never come to look for themselves, or attempted to feel its presence, how could they ever know. THEY CAN'T!

After Purchasing a Map with over 400 spotting locations plotted on it, and a field guide on how to observe a Bigfoot - we headed out to get some supplies and grab a bite to eat. At the Bigfoot restaurant we found a hearty meal and had a chance to read through our books and map. The waitress who took our order reluctantly told us the story of when she as a little girl came face to face with the Bigfoot, and how Human it looked, she told us the encounter meant nothing to her until she latter grew up and realized what had
happened. She told us she doesn't talk about it much because she is afraid people will think less of her. It left me thinking how much in this world might go unsaid simply because of fear.

We then drove out to the areas on the map where there had been the highest concentration of sightings and spent the day searching the mountain road looking for any sign of the bigfoot. Although we saw now sure signs during the day, there was an eery feeling persistent through the day no bought spurned on by the stories we had heard earlier in the day.

When it came time to set up camp, we drove down to the Kalamath River where there was both water and food sources ( Berry Bushes) that might be used by the Sasquatch people durring the night. My travel buddy Jeremy was not feeling well (Heat Exhaustion) and so after taking a dip in the river and playing his flute in hopes of calling  in a sasquatch (Peggy had told us this might work) Jeremy returned to Willow Creek to get a hotel room, leaving me alone by the fire. As Jeremy drove away I walked around and set out some hot dogs ( a recommendation by Peggy) in hopes of baiting in a bigfoot.

At first my resolve to stay out alone was strong, but as the sun drew further behind the mountains and the buzz of the insects died away leaving only the sounds of darkness, My mind went into alert mode. I kept the fire burning for hours trying to convince myself that nothing was out there, I even tried listening to songs on my Iphone, but nothing could calm my nerves. It was pure mental punishment camping alone alongside the river with no-one but a 500 pound furry myth to hear my cries. I had built my fear up so much that I couldn't even bring myself to look up at the skies and enjoy the stars. Eventually I crawled inside my tent and attempted to sleep, but it would not come easy, not that night.

As pure exhaustion was about to overcome me and perhaps give me a chance to sleep, I heard something move out in the bushes..... My entire body went rigid and still. I could swear I had heard something.. right? Then I heard it again.... My thoughts raced but I could not move an inch..... and then ...... THUMP ..... CRACK....against what seemed the side of my tent.  I tore out of the tent screaming and hollering I suppose at that moment it was fight rather than flight.... The sounds I made I hadn't heard since Basic training for the army. I grabbed for my flashlight and looked around frantic and fearful for what I might see.

The beam of my light searched and searched and then from nowhere but everywhere I heard a voice.... Hey You alright?..... It was a mans voice, not a monster. My Beam came down on a thirty something man in the bushes, who looked just as scarred as I was. I had apparently scared him while he was out taking care of nature.  Another camper just like me out in the woods. We both laughed and I appologized and went back to bed, greatful not to be so alone in the woods.

In the morning I woke Up an looked around ..... I found Scat of some sort, full of berry, and several of my hot dogs were gone....... Bigfoot????? probably just a bear right - But who am I to say - I've never seen him.

Today's travel tip might seem dishonest, but lets face it, History is made by those who write the novels!

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