Tuesday, August 6, 2013



The New 2014 Indian Chief combines classic cues with modern performance and technology. It will run your Bluetooth, tell you your tire pressure, has throttle-by-wire and ABS. It has traditional running lights in the fairing but features integrated LED turn signals too. Classic cues include the red hue the marque is known for, swooping fenders and a lit War Bonnet emblem on the front fender. Its crown jewel is its engine that sits like a mother of pearl within the six-piece modular frame. But it’s more than just a pretty face. It’s like a punch in the nose, which Indian just delivered to its competitors.

 Indian brass stated it has one goal in mind with the new lineup: To build the premier premium American motorcycle. As it moves forward to that goal, it pays tribute to the brand’s Springfield heritage and its long history that dates back to 1901. The first 1901 production models coming out of Spirit Lake will be numbered, and the new model launch includes plenty of firsts for the Indian brand. The cast aluminum chassis is a first on an Indian, the bike’s skeleton providing both the weight savings and rigidity Indian sought as it attempted to pull mass out of the frame. The progressive linkage system used on the Chief Vintage and Chief Classic is another first on an Indian Motorcycle. The 2014 lineup includes the first hard-faired bagger the company has produced, too. 

During Indian’s technical presentation on the bike, they said the Chieftain’s styling cues were drawn from Indians from the 1950s, bold bikes with distinctive lines. But the new version departs from the norm by being the first Indian
produced with a hard fairing and hard bags. Indian designed them not only with function in mind, but made them quickly detachable and with the ability to be remotely locked via the bike’s key fob. The saddlebags are big enough to stuff in my backpack, which holds my 17-inch computer. 

Besides being attractively designed, the instrument console is placed intuitively, the round dial of its analog speedo easy enough to read at speed, as is the analog tach placed opposite it. Between the two dials is a digital readout with four different screens and plenty of information to toggle through. Among its functions are a clock and outside temperature gauge, radio, satellite radio, a plug-in audio device, range indicator, odometer, and tire pressure PSI readout. Cruise control comes standard and is operated via the right switch control.

The new Indian Chiefs have been the buzz of Sturgis. Every time we stop, someone will approach with a story about an Indian they owned and just about everybody has responded positively on the direction Polaris has taken. 


  1. Actually what is hurting Indian is their dealers there isn't enough of them, the closest one to me is 400+ miles, too far for me to look at one.

  2. I agree with you, I know a guy who works for indian and they are working on this issue, but its not going to be an easy thing to tackle. Polaris who owns Indian is a pretty agressive company when it comes to implementing new products, it will be interesting to see what happens.