Thursday, October 30, 2014


We all have a favorite time of year, if your young and restless then you most likely await summer! However the vast majority of bikers share a common love, FALL!  Its the amazing temperatures, the changes and the colors, not to mention for most of us NOT living in Florida, So. Cal, Texas or Arizona, Fall represents the last vestiges of  freedom for the year, our last hope of an enjoyable day out on the road.

As the colder weather begins to set in its an eidetic  reminder that our throttle therapy sessions are coming to a close for the season.

The creator must have known this when he created fall, because fall riding offers us wheel straddling motor-heads one last opportunity to see the world outside a cage, and he lets us do it in a full range of Technicolor style.

Among my favorite fall things like apple cider, stuffing my face at Thanks Giving, and driving my truck with the windows open and the heat up on full, are several motorcycle roads that particularly stand out during the colorful season.

Here is my short list - TOP THREE!


Blue Ride Parkway:

The Blue Ridge Parkway is probably on every top 10 motorcycle rides list on the internet, but its on my top three for a reason, I was a doubter, I read and read about the road, and didnt think it was all it was hyped up to be. But after finally making it out to the road and actually experiencing its sheer awesomeness, I NOW BELIEVE THE HYPE!  It is really a heaven on earth and for once I was really impressed with the smoothness and the beauty of both the road and my surroundings. Its not a place for speed, its a place to enjoy what you are doing and to take it all in.

Sonora Pass : 

Nestled between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite in California, this lesser known motorcycle route is perhaps my favorite fall ride of all time, it brings out the best in winding road, coniferous trees and colors, as well as some awesome terain and rock formations. As an added bonus this road is phenomenal when it comes to the curves and the flow. Its on top of my list because Its special to me, and im sure we all have one of those rides on our lists. 

Alpine Loop Utah: 

The Alpine loop is a winding road, through aspens forests, and amazing vistas. Robert Redford loved this road and these mountains so much that he built a ski resort there and filmed several of his best films in the area, my personal favorite is Jeremiah Johnson.

The road isnt a fast road, its a liesure cruise with winding switchbacks, but boy is it spectacular to stare at.