Thursday, July 26, 2012

Official Countdown to Sturgis: 7 Days

We've officially hit the 7 day mark until our departure for Sturgis. I think both Matt and I are getting pretty excited for this trip. We got the Scala's put in the helmets and linked up. The "Sick Saddles" seat for the sportster is due in today. So much stuff still to get prepared before go time. If anyone is looking for a seat, Ed Graves at Sick Saddles has been awesome to work with! He got the seat done and shipped exactly when he said he would, and I can't wait to see his work! Should be coming in on the mail truck soon. We'll be making a run to pick up a Vader mascot sometime in the next few days as promised.
   We'll be making some last minute adjustments to our route to compensate for a few things. We're planning on meeting up with 2 members from HD forums in Portland and Washington, and a few more farther down the road. Now that the departure date is firmed and the plans set, email us if you'd like to meet up with us on the road! We'll update daily as the final countdown begins....Sturgis here we come!!!

T - 7 Days until departure for Sturgis

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