Monday, July 30, 2012


DID YOU KNOW.... that Idaho has the largest number of documented UFO sightings in the USA!

I guess I had better explain myself, I'm no nut job I just think aliens are fun and make great scary stories around a campfire. For Whatever reason I have always been fascinated by the prospect of visitors from another planet, invaders from mars and even the aliens that live next door (CONE-HEADS). One of my favorite ALIEN movies is fire in the sky, which took place in my fathers home town of Snowflake arizona and as a kid i freaked me out to visit the white mountains where Travis Walton was abducted. I love driving out on the highway at night and listening to Coast to Coast AM, I don't know why but some times its fun to think about what might actually be out there in the night sky.

As we have been preparing for the Long Ride to Sturgis I have noticed a ton of information and stories about alien encounters along the road, paranormal situations in the forest and tales of the spooky along the highway. So in todays post I just want to put out some links of the most interesting paranormal and alien related stories I have found out there on the web that are along our ride to Sturgis. Who knows maybe we will have our own encounter out there on the road.

Have some fun with this info!

Who knows..... They might be watching!

Devils Tower UFO sightings - Legends


Like the bermuda triangle but in NEVADA!

Star Nations - Native american Belief in UFO and Extra Terrestrials! - South Dakota

UFO abductions

Extra Terrestrial Highway


Haunted Places in OREGON - In my opinion the spookiest state!

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