Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today was a busy day, I spent most of the afternoon working on a police car seat project at work and developing materials for a trade show.... But no amount of work related distractions could keep my mind off of the begining of our Long Ride to Sturgis. At about 3:00 this afternoon I needed a break and so I went out to wrench on the bike a little. I played with the new stereo we just had installed, the coolest part is how it streams AD2P stereo music from my phone right onto the stereo in the fairing. I am glad I will have tunes with me while on the road. I also took the passenger seat off of the road king and installed the backrest I just bought from the HD dealer here in Reno. It is soooooo comfortable to ride with a backrest. I also installed the new Highway bars we bought that have the foot rests on top, very nice to be able to stretch out a little.  On my ride home this evening I felt a renewed sense of confidence for the trip knowing that I had spent the last month checking and fixing everything that I could to get the bike ready for the trip.

I am getting anxious about my equipment preparations. I have been getting everything together slowly and now that we are less than two weeks from leaving I felt the looming need to get my kit all together in one place. I keep most of my riding gear in the garage, but my old military habits are comming out. This evening I laid everything out to check the condition and existence of my gear. For the first time in a long time I made it all the way through my checklist without having to make a list of things I still needed to get together.

Here is a list of my personal riding gear:

Wet weather gear

2x gloves - one for warm weather one for cold weather
1/2 shell helmet - and full face helmet ( I have decided to take both on this trip.)
First aid kit
Boy scout kit - survival essentials
Riding Jacket
Riding Pants
Kick Around Shoes
Camera gear ( enough stuff here for a whole other list)
Windshield cleaner - Bike cleaner
Tool Kit
Camel Back for water
Back up battery for phone and other gear
Laptop Equipment
2 pair reg clothing ( I  have found it is almost worth it just to buy new clothes on the road, rather than pack a ton around, then you come home with good memories not just dirty laundry)
1 pair sleep clothing
7 pair socks ( for a 12 day trip - yes I recycle : )
LRS hat and shirts
LRS stickers (to pass out to friends)
Sun Glasses
Sun Screen
Duck Tape
Gremlin bell
long johns
Insurance and registration information
Blue tooth helmet kit ( arrives tomorrow) 
harger Cables for electronics

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