Thursday, June 28, 2012

We want our Mummy!

Mummy Cave- Yellowstone National Park

No, not our mommy, our mummy! Yellowstone National Park has many awesome things to see, and we plan on seeing many of them. Though perhaps one of the most unusual things we'll see, is Yellowstone's longest camper. That's right, a mummy. The Mummy nicknamed "Mummy Joe" has been camping in Yellowstone since roughly 800 A.D. And you thought a couple weeks was a long time to camp! The cave is about 150 feet wide and 40 feet long and sits on a volcanic cliff, overlooking the North Fork. This cave was literally used by humans from about 7280 B.C. until 1580 A.D. ! How's that for an old campsite! While this is a very cool place to see, and somewhere we're looking forward to stopping, I think we'll make it brief, as we'd had to end up camping with Mummy Joe for the next 800 years or so. We'll pay our respects to Joe, and move on to our next destination on our epic ride.

Mummy Cave

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