Monday, June 18, 2012

The Beginning of the Journey- The Pacific Coast Highway

 Along the rugged and beautiful coastline of California trailing north into Oregon and Washington, lies one of the most amazing rides in the United States. The Pacific Coast Highway (California State Route 1) and US Highway 101.  The highway starts in Southern California as State Route 1, and follows the West coastline out of California where it becomes US-101 and continues all the way into Washington. It will also be home to the first leg of our journey to Sturgis.
     The Pacific Coast Highway or PCH was originally envisioned during the World War I era. It has been know by several other names, and each section had it's own name up until 1964 when the section running through Orange County California, was officially labeled the Pacific Coast Highway, and the term caught on to describe the entire stretch. The beginnings of the highway were built with labor from convicts from Folsom Prison, that were housed in fenced and guarded camps from roughly 1930 until 1936. The Highway was designated as an All American Road by the US Government in 1966.
     Not only does the Pacific Coast Highway run along some of the most beautiful coastline in California, it has also played host to many of the cycling events in the 1932 Summer Olympic Games.          
We'll be following SR-1 for a short time, until it turns into US-101 as we cross in to Oregon and Washington. Enjoy the pictures of this majestic coastline, and stay tuned for the next leg of Long Ride to Sturgis, an LRS adventure of a lifetime...

Folsom Prison labor camp
Coast along Pacific Coast Highway

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