Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sturgis Rider Bio- Jeremy West

Jeremy was born in Reno, Nevada. He started riding dirt bikes as soon as he was old enough to sit on one, and has been riding ever since. Throughout Middle school and High School, he rode quads and raced motocross in the area, as well as spent hours and hours on weekends off road exploring the forgotten Nevada desert. He has a passion for anything with an engine. Growing up he spent time working on anything with a motor that he could get his hands on. Even an off-road go-kart. Upon graduating from Reno High, he went to college in Idaho to study Criminal Justice/Law enforcement. To the consternation of most of his professors, he spent more time off-road on a bike and in his truck than he did in the classroom, yet still managed to get great grades and graduate, developing a passion for building engines and computers while there.  He continued his college career at Utah Valley University, becoming an Emergency Medical Technician and  graduating with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice as well as completing the Utah Valley State College Police Academy. 
    Jeremy returned to Reno, and worked in several professions including as an armed crew member on Loomis-Fargo Armored transport vehicles and eventually becoming the Transport Officer for Washoe County Juvenile Probation. While at the county he spent long hours on the road transporting serious juvenile offenders to facilities across the country using just about every mode of transportation possible and in extremely high risk situations, as well as managing the County's electronic monitoring and house arrest program with on average 60 juveniles at a time. He has worked in the gaming industry as a Surveillance Operator at the Silver Legacy, learning the trade of card counting, cheating table and electronic games and how to catch it. Jeremy was a Supervisor at Boomtown Reno, training security personnel in Defensive Tactics, situational response and awareness, as well as medical response, when the opportunity to join LRS came up. 
     Jeremy had the chance to join the Long Ride Shields team as Marketing Manager, and wasted no time as it is his passion to be around anything with two wheels and a motor. He is 29 years old and married to the girl of his dreams, Samantha, who rides a Yamaha FZ6 sportbike. Among his bikes are a Yamaha FZ8 sportbike, a KLR 650 Dual-Sport adventure bike, and a Can-Am DS 650 X desert racing quad. He also spends time working on his monster 2002 supercharged Ford Lightning, restoring it to better than new, and making it well, just a little bit faster...

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