Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Always Wanted a Fort as Kids...So we found one!

Fort Simcoe- Yakima, Washington

   For those of you who always liked building forts as a kid! I know we did, so we thought we'd stop and see a real one. Fort Simcoe was built in 1850 by Civil War General to be Robert S. Garnett, and was only in use for 3 years. After that it was given to the Yakama Indian Agency, who used it as a schoolhouse unitl the 1900's. It's approximately 200 acres, with 5 of the original building still standing. The buildings are even still furnished with period furniture! The Fort is used for re-enactments throughout the year. Hopefully when we stop here, we don't get an errant musket ball in our direction. The grounds are within an ancient Oak grove and sit on natural springs. Sounded like a good place to grab some shade and rehydrate before continuing our trek. 

Fort Simcoe

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