Monday, November 10, 2014


My travels this past week took me to Motor Head Heaven - That's right .... the SEMA show in Sin City Las Vegas.  One of my favorite displays was this jeep with .50 Cal on top. - I thought the display was appropriate for several reasons, chief among them was that Veterans day was just a few days away.
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The SEMA show is probably the most premiere and certainly the largest automotive and accessories show in the world, and they have everything from 3D printed cars, to Bugatti Veyron, I spent two full days there and still only made it around to about 25% of the booths and sights. Although the influence with motorcycles at this show is somewhat limited, I still saw and experience a great deal of the mega cool and the spectacularly awesome.

One of the best things that I saw at the show was a military tribute vehicle, designed and painted to commemorate the fallen Navy Seals and team mates of Marcus Lutrell, Author of Lone Survivor which was a book dedicated the account of the events that took place in Afghanistan with his team of Navy Seals.

Seeing this vehicle made me remember a windshield we worked on for a 911 tribute motorcycle not so long ago and has inspired me to go on an internet search for other Military tribute bikes and cars and to post them here for your enjoyment.

Chevy Camaro Tribute Car

Full Bike Shot, Military Tribute Bike

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