Monday, November 10, 2014

HELP US HONOR OUR VETERANS - Post your veterans pictures!

Part of the purpose of this blog is to "Remember" - and to log the world around us as it is and to recollect how it was.

As we will be celebrating our veterans who have fallen and served before us on Veterans Day it is part of our ethos at Long Ride Shields to recollect them and memorialize them and their images so that we can continue to honor them.

Please help us honor our veterans and fallen hero's by posting your veterans image or a story to our Facebook page, or email it to us.

POST IT HERE - LRS Facebook page

Email us here:

As a continued effort to honor our veterans Long Ride Shields will be throwing all of our products and the largest sale we have ever thrown, Please understand that Veterans day to us is not about making money, it is about honoring our forefathers and Hero's the best way we know how.

Thank you to all who wear the uniform or who protect us while we sleep peacefully in the night.

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