Friday, August 3, 2012

The Beginnings of the Journey to Sturgis...

Today we began the long trek to Sturgis, South Dakota, riding 600 miles from Reno, Nevada to Crescent City, California. Our route took us up US-89 along the scenic Feather River and eventually to the coast and US-101.
    Along our route Matt, Vader and I visited Willow Creek, California, home of Bigfoot. We stopped to  take pictures with the famous Bigfoot statue and meet some locals. We then moved on riding underneath towering Redwoods and following the rugged and foggy US-101, where Vader stopped and walked along the beach and left his mark in the sands of the California Coast, he seems quite lonely. Tomorrow will bring a shorter, but more packed ride as we continue along US-101 into Oregon and continue on to Portland, which will bring us to our next few stops, and the Shanghai Tunnels. Here's a few pictures of our first leg of the journey to tide you over until our trip continues tomorrow...

Vader visits Beckwourth Pass

Vader and Jeremy at Beckwourth Pass

Indian Falls, Feather River

Vader resting alongside Indian Falls

After coming off of the sierras we came down through Red Bluff, that area surrounding  red bluff in the Sacramento river bend area looked to be Africa, we joked that you could probobly film a documentary with zoo animals out there and no one would ever be the wiser

Vader makes a stop with us to rehydrate

after passing through AFRICA!  - man it was hot out there - we finaly made it back up into the mountains past Redding Ca where we stopped in at an awesome BBQ joint in Weaverville. They had an area set up in the shade with misters and a big screen tv just for bikers, it was a great rest stop.

Matt with Bigfoot in Willow Creek

While gassing up in weaverville we met a cool biker on his trike, I gave him a windshield for his bike and he told us that pretty much everyone living in Willow Creek grows and smokes Mary Jane - I made sense due tot the sheer number of people we saw wearing dreadlocks and living out of backpacks. 

Vader walking the lonely shores of California
After a hundred or so more miles we made it to the coast and little Vader needed to get out and walk along the beach to do some soul searching, amazing how just getting off the bike and walking for a while can reset your butt for another 150 miles you didn't know you had in you.

The california coastline outside Crescent City

While walking the beach, Vader found his new diabolical weapon the "Crab Claw" and Bionic Vader was born

The Foggy and beautiful US-101

Latter we will post some video of the herd of elk we saw here along the beach. 

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