Thursday, August 9, 2012

Headed home,

So now that we have been there done that and got the t-shirt from Sturgis we are headed home.

One of the best parts of going on a long trip is the concept of getting to sleep in your own bed again, and thats what I hope to do in a couple of days.

Our route home is through Jackson Hole Wyoming, Twin falls and then home to reno.

We passed through Jackson last night and could get a hotel room if we wanted to. We finally found one in Briggs just a few more (40) miles up the road. I slept like an angel last night as this hotel has by far the best beds we have yet found on the road.

Today is our rest day and it felt good to rest and recuperate in the best westerns Hot Tub here in brigs.
I plan on cleaning the bike up a little this afternoon, It desperately needs it, 4000 miles and plenty of bug guts has turned the road king into something that looks like the swamp thing. I washed the 8 inch Dark tint ULTRA LRS windshield last night and it looks as good as new. It has saved me quite a few times, as large rocks tossed up from semis riddled the bike like bullets from a spitfire.

A long day driving across the desert of wyoming was well rewarded when we drove into jackson last night just as the sun was setting, the view of the Teton mountains was fantastic. The enjoyment of the ride however was interrupted by a long line of traffic about 20 miles from jackson. Some stupid teen girl was texting and pulled out infront of a biker. We made it to the front of the traffic just as the ambulance left. His ULTRA GLIDE lay smashed into the pavement and my heart sunk, the girl who had hit him sat in the back of a police car crying, in my opinion no amount of crying will make up for the 20 seconds she spent not paying attention to the road. Accidents happen, but the most important thing to remember is that its no accident when you are being negligent. This was biker down number 3 on this trip.

Here are some pics from yesterdays ride from Hot Springs SD to Briggs Idaho.

The river that runs through Big Horn state park

Heading west coming out of the desert into Wyoming's beautiful mountains

Just before the 26 connects with the mountains we drove through a spectacular canyon with awesome red painted walls, I felt like I was riding my horse through a john wayne movie, in my very own spaghetti western moment.

I stopped to do some business, and looked back at the bike , I liked the picture so here you have it.

This was a beautiful view of the desert and the carved canyons formed from millions of years of erosion. 

The Tetons at sunset

Im too ugly to take my helmet off, so I had leave it on for this picture. 

Waiting in trafic, near where a biker was downed by a negligent teen aged texter. 

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