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We spend last night in Missoula right outside Glacier national park. I felt like I was part of a Nativity scene as we rolled into the area last night only to find that there was no room in the INN. Luckily we found the last remaining room in missoula thanks to price-line on the smart phones. At 11:00 last night biker after biker came into the hotel looking for lodging complaining that there was not a room to be found for 200 miles in any direction. I have a feeling that many a biker spent the night in a TP or under an overpass last night. I offered to share our room with a couple of bikers who politely thought they might try a few more hotels before accepting my offer. 

Tragicaly a biker went down right outside our hotel last night. He was pulling out of a gas station when a dumb blonde in a cage ran a red light and plowed right into him. Bike was totally smashed to piece but he escaped with a broken arm. I wanted vader to use the force to strangle that lady. Keep your eyes out for bikers please. 

The last two days have been great riding, from crescent city we traveled up the coast along the PCH to portland where we met up with my wife Kirsten and my daughter Lorelai (19 months old) who were attending a friends wedding, we only got to see them for an hour or so but it was really hard for me to leave them again, Lorelai was crying as we took off again on the bikes. 

On day two we hit the interstate from portland up to Spokane Washinton and then into Missoula Montana. Ill be honest with you the ride up to washington was as bland as saltine crackers and water mixed into a soup ( heated to 90 degrees in a microwave and served in a plastic bowl). But the ride from Spokane to missoula was freakin AWESOME!

 Vader found some companionship with smokey the bear, one celebrity to another they drew quite a crowd.
 This is the area that lewis and clark explored along the hood river, when I was in elementary school we had a computer game called the OREGON TRAIL, in which the culminating event was rafting your wagon down the hood river. I thought about the game and thought it was fun to ride along the river, which is now scattered with hydroelectric dams.
 I think it would have been a real treat to visit this area back in the 30's. To feel like a pioneer exploring the west, while driving a buggy no less.

 A bridge to NOWHERE!

 Looking out the back of the sea lion cave

 Vader had a good impression on the park rangers, I think this one had a crush on her.
 Multanoma Falls on the historic Oregon scenic byway

 Jeremy looking GQ outside Mulanoma Falls
 Near spokane the sportster started to leak oil out of the rear cylinder just above the rocker cover, I tightened down on the two bolts holding the left side gasket down, slowed the leak, but I am going to have to put some gasket silicone down in there to totaly stop the leak, thanks to walmart for letting us work right outside the store.

 Whale beach

 Stopped in traffic waiting for the turnstile bridge.

 Sea Lion Caves 101 Or.

 Prehistoric Sea Lion
 On the 101
 Giant Span Bridge near Newport

 Vader wanted us to take picture for his upcomming solo album cover, just outside Tillamook Or

 Little vader paying respect to a massive train wreck historical site.
Beautiful mountain passes leading up to Missoula

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