Thursday, June 23, 2016

Customer Tribute

We have had a lot of feedback from our great customers over the years, and they have shared their thoughts and proudly shared pictures of their bike with us. Some of these customers have been to some great places. We here at Long Ride Shields give you this edition to our Myths, Legends, and Tales as a tribute to our customers. We say "Thank you" to all our customers and share with you what they have shared with us. Thank you all so much for taking the time to send us these great pictures.

18" Dark Tint Road King Shield

Stealth shield. That is one sweet ride right there.

One of my favorite 9-11 tribute bikes. This is a beauty.

Facing a bit of a road block

May be a bit chilly on this ride.

Love the contrast of the dark tint against the white on this one.

Looks like a pretty fun road.

Heritage with a custom laser etched eagle.

Memphis Shades Fairing on this one.

What a site!

Can't get much closer than that!!

Goldwing 1500

 Ultra shield

All sporting their LRS.

Love the King.

One dedicated rider right here.

Nice RG action shot.

An interesting, 'no bracket' approach to this King's shield. I like it.

This must have been a tricky shot to set up.

All with their LRS.

One sweet trike. 

Long Ride Shields is proud to be a part of your riding experience throughout the years. We thank everyone for taking time out of your daily lives to show us these great photos and to tell us about your time on the road. It is truly a great feeling to know we have enhanced your riding experience. We hope you keep the pictures coming. We love getting them.

Enjoy the ride . . .

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