Wednesday, June 15, 2016

10 crazy ways to carry your piece... on a bike

Recognizing first that different states treat gun laws and transportation laws in different ways, this article is not meant to be legal advice or even recommendations. Having explored the internet for an entire 30 minutes we discovered some unique and interesting ways that people around the world are transporting weapons on their motorcycles.... ENJOY.

1.Firstly and foremost lets talk about going big especially if you are anticipating regular firepower usage and need to exact economy of force. You may need to take the Machete approach and get your self a spinning door gun like this one. Way to commit!

2.If you live in an open carry state and you don't mind getting some road dust on your 1911 or high power then a side mounted pea shooter apparatus like this is apropos.
 3. Maybe you come from an Italian family, or have a love for the musical and rhythmic pumping of lead, but the classic Tommy gun in a violin case is always a convenient way to pack heat. It can easily be strapped down to the bike and away you go.... Keep the change you filthy animal!
4. I don't know where this is legal, but it looks awesome. The bike is reminiscent of the terminator scene where Uncle Arnold rides his Harley with a lever action shotgun.
5. I know its not a motorcycle, but we still think this one sexy tractor!
6. I have seen a couple of these floor board gun holders, check them out online, they seem like one of the most practical applications on the internet.
7.In our opinion this application is the perfect mesh of cowboy and Iron Horse. 

9. If you have the time and money you could make yourself some custom bags to carry your AR around. 

10. Get some buddies to hold it for you... 

Check out this Rusky Big Gun! - I wonder what the range on this was?

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