Friday, March 29, 2013

"Big Ned" - The Rotary Valve 3 Liter V-Twin Street Fighter

Mark Walker’s Big Ned – the Rotary Valve 3 Liter V-Twin Street Fighter from Australia

Big Ned, the 3000cc v-twin from Mark Walker of Australia
Mark Walker of Sydney, Australia has been building and racing motorcycles for many years, but after racing for over 30 years, he decided it was time to move on and instead of building to a set of rules, as racing required, he began building for himself and Big Ned, the fuel injected, 3000cc, rotary valve, 200 horsepower V-Twin was one of the first of several amazing engines and concept motorcycles he constructed just because.

Big Ned, the 3000cc v-twin from Mark Walker of Australia with the armored helmet front fairing

Everything about this engine and bike are big and bold and it grabs your attention immediately. The inspiration comes from the notorious bushranger Ned Kelly, who famously took on the police force of colonial Victoria, Australia, wearing home-made armour fashioned from pig-iron, that's the reason for the armored helmet looking fairing in the front.

Big Ned 3000cc aluminum V-Twin

Mark machined, formed and welded almost every part of this bike. He calls it a street fighter, but I'm not sure it fits into any category except its own. When I first saw the photos of the bike, I just stared at it, trying to comprehend what he'd done. It's not the least bit practical, but it is a statement of the ideas floating around in Mark's head, because, as a dyslexic, he struggles with reading and writing so he pretty much builds what he sees in his mind's eye.

Big Ned 3000cc aluminum V-Twin showing the clutch side

The 2 inch exhaust pipes lead to mufflers machined from fire extinguishers. There are big brass fittings to give it a steam punk look, but, mostly, it appears to be a motorcycle carved out of a big block of aluminum.

This motorcycle was completed a few years ago, but until I stumbled on to it while looking around for some V-Twin info, I had never seen or heard of it before. How does something this big and outrageous hide from view? I absolutely love it.

by Paul Crowe on 3/11/2013
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