Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chupacabra Attack!!!

We have a story from one of our Texas friends today.  He's been known to tell a tall tale or five and once had us convinced he was abducted by aliens, but he tells a compelling story anyway.  Believe what you will but we couldn't pass up a tale like this! Join us in today's Myths, Legends and Tales from the road as we hear from the survivor of a horrific attack from the infamous Chupacabra!

I had a long day of riding after a charity event in San Antonio and a small get together directly after.  We'd partied for a good time and when things were wrapping up I got my stuff together to go home.  I said a long goodbye to my buddies and hopped on the bike. 

I live in Helotes and I was coming from Floresville.  About an hour and a half drive depending on route.  The last stretch of the ride goes up into the hills a bit and there is a lot of ground cover all around the highway there.  It was when I was coming around a bend in the road when I caught a flash in my headlight.  I turned to look for what it was but couldn't see anything in the dark brush and trees. 

While I was looking off the road something leaped up at me from the opposite side and it was more than I could do to keep my bike under me.  I laid my bike down and I slid off the road into a shallow ditch.  I was stunned and confused and it took me a minute to take my feet.  Once I had gathered up some of my wits I looked over to my bike, where two creatures were biting at it and had already torn my custom seat up.  They snipped at each other once and made little yipping sounds.  They weren't much more than skin and bone and mostly shadows at that.  

I shook my head and hauled myself to up to my feet and stomped toward them.  I wasn't injured to bad.  Wear a helmet and thick pants kids, this is the third time I haven't regretted that.  Those creatures the size of a large dog they sniffed at my bike and glanced at me not taking much notice though.  For a moment I thought I might have to kick em off my bike before checking it for damage.  But lucky they ran off at the last moment into the brush and trees just yipping here and there. 

I got my bike together and headed home to inspect the damage in my garage.  They did a number on me and my bike.  The skid bar took most the damage but them creatures tore up my seat as if it was their meal.  Custom sheep skin seat, most comfortable seat I ever bought.  As my bike worked and I was home I didn't see much point fussing over much until the next day. 

It was when I told my good buddy about the night that he said to me it was a chupacabra.  I'm not a crazy person and I don't want to make some claim that just isn't true but one of them animals leaped onto my bike going thirty or thirty five and knocked me off the road.  I since looked at some pictures of what them chupacabra are supposed to look like and damned if they aren't the same things I saw on the road.  

They're getting more aggressive and I advise anyone ride safe and keep an eye out.  

Good Rides and God Bless

Hope you enjoyed his story,
The LRS Team!

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  1. Hey Vato,
    You forgot to mention the famous cousin of the legendary chupacabra the chi-hua-hua. These critters make hamburger out of anything that moves. They look cute, but don't piss them off. My ranchero in south Texas is over-run by these thing. The Discovery Channel was out here last year with a team of biologist disecting the remains of a fresh kill. Oh, the insanity!!! I'm selling the ranch and moving to the city.