Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hey there everybody,

Matt Gardner Here, I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce you to a new project I am going to take on this year. I call it the forgotten Highway project.

This year I want to plan my rides around the forgotten scenic routes that I can discover accross the country. On last years Long Ride to Sturgis I came accross several such roads and some of them were the most majestic places I have ever ridden.

 CA. ROUTE 40 - The forgotten Highway

My first research project and ride for 2013 is going to be the Highway Route 40 and the alternate route in California.

This route has significant historical significance. From the Donner party and the gold rush to secret military installations during the second world war this route has had a huge impact   on american history and the development of the WEST. Im starting with the project because it is close to home  ( reno) and because I have found a few significant resourses for my research.

I will be drawing a lot of information from this website.
Apparently the author of the site is planning on writing a book on the subject, but the website istelf is a treasure trove of information on the subject.

Wish me luck as I get started here and if you have anything to add to the project feel free to shoot me an email at

Many of the post you will see from me in the next couple of months will be my research related findings on the route and the planning of my ride. If any of you guys want to come along for the ride stay tuned and we can find a way to hood up on my next adventure. 

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