Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter won't stop me!!

It happens to a lot of us year after year. Wintertime. We ride as long as possible. Heck, I rode in 14 degree weather before the first snow of the season. But now, we have the snow to go along with our low temperatures. I've no choice but to park the bike and take the cage. It's just not fair.
When your bike is sitting in the snow like this one, it's pretty much "lights out".

Or is it? I did a little research as to what others do during these down times to keep riding, and here is what I found.

Hey, cars use chains to get around. Why not bikes? Well, they use them too. Some are home made, like these.

And others are actually made for the motorcycle tire. Very cool.

If you had no "grip" on the road, another issue I would think is keeping the bike upright. I can only imagine how much I'd be sliding around a corner. Maybe a set of these could help? Might get made fun of but hey, at least I'm getting where I'm going, right?

Another thing cars do to help get around is stud the tires. This adds some pretty good grip. Better grip than chains, and maybe you won't need the training skis.

Some studs can get a little crazy. These are meant for ice. Yes, they race these things on a sheet of ice sitting atop a large body of water. Might be a little nerve racking.

These are just crazy! These are some long bolts being used for studs. Hate to feel the ride going from deep snow to a plowed road!

These are all interesting ideas, but some of us live in areas that are just not feasible for a motorcycle most of the year. We're talking deep snow where the only way to get around is the old dog and sled mode, or the snowmobile. What can they do? Here's a fun option making your existing tires work as a track. That should get you through.

If that doesn't do it, maybe this one will. This one seems to somehow track all the way from the rear to the front tire. I would actually love to try this one out. Pretty cool concept.

Still having issues getting around? Well, if this won't do it I don't think anything will. For a mere 4 grand, you can add this contraption to your bike. Replace your rear drive wheel with a track and the front wheel with a sled. I don't see anything stopping this bad boy.

Seems for a lot of people, wintertime isn't a time to be depressed and "stuck" driving the cage. It's an opportunity for the same freedoms and thrills a motorcycle brings you in the summer, in the winter! It may be much colder out, but who says we have to stay off of two wheels, er tracks or whatever? So, if you get caught in something like this....

Maybe you should tweak it a bit, and look more like this....

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