Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Check YOU out!

We wouldn't be here without you, our customers. We wanted to show our appreciation by sharing your shared images and testimonials. There are some great pictures here. Hope you enjoy.

  "James, thought you might like to see a few pics with my LRS installed. It fit perfectly and looks and performs great! Thanks, .C.B"

"Just installed my new Javelin on my 2016 Street Glide Special. I think you guys might have hit a home run with this one. Went for a ride yesterday and I swear I could probably hold a match in front of my face and it would not get blown out. Absolutely love it!"

"I received my Javelin 7" etched, medium tint windshield for my 2016 Tri Glide Ultra. 
I can't be more pleased with the product, communication, service, and fast shipment. I am a fan for life."

"Here is a phot you can use in your collection. Thanks. We ride no matter what the conditions and LRS are the best."

"Glad you guys decided to make the trip. I really enjoyed my 24" light tint and vented on the way home. It even rained a while to let me see how well it did in the rain. Love it and I passed along a number of my friends from Chapter Y in Birmingham that purchased one also. Great product."

"Finally caught a break in the weather and ran my bike down the road to try out the new 8" Ultra Shield. I don't feel like a 'bobblehead' anymore.....Thanks James for a great deal and super fast shipping. You guys are #1 in my book!!!"

"Thank you James. Awesome shield!"

"Ordered/installed my 18" LRS re-curve...finally got to try it out last Friday. This windshield simply rocks!!! No buffeting and I can see over it much easier than my previous aftermarket shield of similar size. Thanks...great product!!"

"Took a little ride from Indiana to Key West last week, 5 days 2957 miles of bugs and rain, with my 8" medium tint recurve Long Ride Shield. It has been on this bike for 3 years now and well over 45k miles. Still works and looks as good as the day it was installed. My FLHT and friend's Road King with Long Ride Shields in the Smoky Mountains on our return trip. Great product! Thanks guys."

"Second purchase from LRS. Thanks James for helping me with my order. Got the new shield today and put it on. Looks Great! Semper Fi LRS!"

"Hi I just got my RK Elite shield in the mail - I am so pleased, I had to report back! Feel free to use it: I have two HD shields for my 96 cuin Evo Road King - one started life as the original size (20"?), and I have systematically cut it down about 1" at a time, in an attempt to get rid of buffeting while maintaining a free view over the shield (tall torso, 5'10"). No success. Then I came across LRS thru a forum, and thought I would give it a try; ordered a 18" clear polycarbonate shield - RK Elite. On the first ride (yesterday) I started noticing the lack of buffeting as I was passing 45 mph. Hittin 70+, still no buffeting; only a slight feel of the wind on top of my helmet - great! It does not look like a big design improvement, but that forward curve on top of the shield really works! Now, if you can experiment with a mini-shield that does (almost) the same, I will be the first in line...A great product, and I can now ride much more relaxed - thanks! All the best, K, Norway."

"10" rambler on the 8-ball! Absolutely love it! I'm 5'8" and this is perfect size."

We want to thank everyone of our customers and tell you how much we appreciate your pictures and your feedback. It's so great to see so many of you out there loving our shields. We are proud of what we do. We make these shields right here in our facility every day! It's great to see them start out as a piece of plastic, and end up to you, on your ride, giving you miles and miles of a much more comfortable ride. Thank you again, and keep 'em coming!

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