Thursday, July 7, 2016

10 Ugliest Production Motorcycles

Everyone has their own taste. This is apparent when something we find so ugly is a big seller. What do others see in it, we wonder? Maybe they think my bike is ugly. It's all relative. This is a list of bikes that we think are ugly and some that others think are ugly. This, of course is all in fun and we hope you will see it that way.

10. 2003 BMW R 1200 CL

This was one of BMW's earlier cruisers. Not terrible, I don't think but that Fairing!

9. 1995 Aprilia Moto 6.5

With only 42 BHP, its performance was too basic to overcome its looks. I don't know if I'd call this ugly. Unique, yes.

8. Honda Pacific Coast

This one is known for being rock solid and reliable, but it is an ugly one. 

7. 1988 BMW K1

I think BMW took every lesson ever learned about aerodynamics and applied it to this bike. Sure, it probably cuts through the wind pretty well, but was it worth it?

6. Honda Bulldog

The Bulldog looks to me like a "grown up" Honda Ruckus scooter. I think this dog is barking up the wrong tree. 

5. Crocker C4 Concept

Okay, this thing is intriguing....And UGLY!

4. Honda CTX Turbo

Introduced in the early 80's, this was Honda's answer to the motorcycle war and people actually loved it. I've always hated its looks, but I guess you can't argue with the majority.

3. BMW Concept

Edgar Heinrich, boss at BMW Motorrad Design, calls this six-cylinder bagger a design study that opens a new chapter in the brand’s history of concept bikes.

We first seen this bike and added it to our list, but I reluctantly say it's growing on me.

2. Harley Davidson Road Glide

This bike has become one of the most popular bikes Harley makes. When I first caught a glimpse of this "Sharknose" Fairing, I hated it. Everyone hated it. This is a great looking bike to me now and to a lot of others. But, you can't stay off the ugly list by getting the nickname "FUGLY", so here it is. 

1. Victory Vision

I'll probably catch a lot of slack for this, but to me this bike wins this Ugliest Bike Contest by a landslide. I just can not get past the looks of this thing. I have heard arguments of Vision owners of how great it rides and how well built it is, etc. It better be the best riding cruiser out there if it's going to look like this. The front of this bike makes me think of Bozo the Clown. Can you see it? Sorry, Vision owners I vote this one number 1. 

I hope you have enjoyed our list of Ugliest Production Bikes list. Stay tuned next time to see our Ugliest Custom Built Bike list. There's a LOT of 'em. 

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