Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life Under 60 ... MPH

Some of you may remember a simpler time, when all it took you to get across the county was 60 cents of gasoline and 350 cc's of simple engineering. It used to be that motorcycles were built to only go about 60 MPH and helmets were completely optional. Those were the days when we had just landed on the moon, and when you could trust a politician... well maybe not that last part.

 Just recently I had the opportunity to step back into that past and explore a bygone era. It came in the form of a tarp in the garage and a lazy Saturday at Grandpas house. Nick G. a buddy of mine was visiting his relatives when he found in his fathers garage a mystery item covered with a dusty tarp. Off came the tarp and underneath lay a nearly pristine 1972 CB350. The bike had been sitting for nearly four decades with only 1200 miles on the Tachometer. Nick had never ridden a motorcycle in his life, but something about the bike spoke to him and that was that. IT HAD TO BE HIS!
Having been bequeathed the aged old horse, we spent a few evenings bringing it back to life. The first time I took it down the drive way and listened to the engine attempt to push me along, I felt a spirit of the past sing inside me. Those were the sounds  nostalgia and resurrection thumping along while I sped down the road on a blast from the past.

Three months latter and with spring on the heels of winter Nick went out and got his Motorcycle endorsement and now it's time to ride. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THE BIKE CAN ONLY SAFELY DO ABOUT 60 MPH MAX - You can't get any where in Nevada without having to do 70 at a minimum.

That's where his good biker buddies have stepped in and planned him his first back road bike trip to re-christen his bike. It involves the old roads, the forgotten highways, and best of all a chance for man motorcycle and road to reunite with the past.

 I think this trip is the perfect first big ride for any biker - But I'll let Nick be the judge.

HERE IS OUR PERFECT ROUTE - Under 60 mph the whole way!
See our groups blog here and see a little more about the ride.


Mic Jagger once rode a CB 350 -

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