Friday, January 22, 2016

2006 Street Glide Build

It's build time at Long Ride Shields!

Some of us can't ride in the winter months, so....Winter is Mod time!  Everyone at Long Ride Shields is into the biker scene, but our Production Manager Dave takes it to the next level.

This is my coworker Dave's 2006 Street Glide and he is making some changes. Pretty much stock as she sits in this photo. It does have a Baker 6 speed transmission.

This Winter Mod project will take some time, but here we go:


The plan:
Paint. Going with an Olive Drab Flat Green.
Powder Coating. All Chrome will end up Black Powder Coated, or Green. Mostly black.
Yaffe Stretched Tank
Yaffe 16" Bars
Yaffe Rear Fender w custom made LED tail/running lights
Wheel Hugger Front Fender
Vtwin Stretched Saddlebags
PM Floorboards and Trim Contrast Cut
DNA 21" Front Wheel, 18" Rear Wheel

The Motor:
S&S 124 Kit
S&S Roller Rockers
S&S 640 Gear Driven Cam
TMan Bottom End
S&S 3 Stage Oil Pump
Zippers 54 mm Throttle Body
Zippers Thundermax ECM
Bassani Equal Length 2-1 Exhaust

She should give us 175 - 190 HP, but due to the 5,000 elevation here in Reno, NV we should get more like 150 - 160 HP. After all, higher elevation= thinner air/less oxygen= less HP!

Funny how this all starts. Started with doing some minimal work to the front end. He figured, "Well, while I'm here may as well do the engine guard. How bout some new floorboards?"

Well that turned into, "Hey, I already have the metal off the bike, let's paint it!"

That, of course led him to a new rear fender, which led to a front fender, stretched tank, custom LED's. Received the new fender and placed it on the bike. "Well that doesn't look right. I'm going to have to get new bags now."

I think we all know how this works. One thing leads to another, to another, etc. And, it will NEVER be complete.

So, here we go. I will keep you all posted on this build. Should be a fun ride. Stay tuned!


All removed and ready to go!

To be continued.....

More work has been made. Engine breakdown. 

The new engine parts are here! 

and more newly powder coated parts!

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