Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Legend of The Hairy Hands

Have you ever been forced off the road by a set of "hairy hands" that weren't your own? While the big tough bikers among us snicker, maybe once you hear this legend, it won't give you the giggles anymore. Many things can ruin an awesome day of cruising down the highway, the sound of your motor purring along and your music blaring in your ears. But a pair of disembodied "Hairy Hands" grabbing your handle bars and causing you to swerve off the road??? We thought that a bit odd too, but apparently in a certain part of the United Kingdom, meeting a "hairy" situation isn't as odd as it sounds. Follow LRS, as we investigate the legend of the "Hairy Hands" on this portion of LRS Myths, Legends and Tales From the Road...

On the quiet stretch of road between Postbridge and Two Bridges, England, lies a stretch of road with an unusually high number of motorcycle and car accidents dating back to 1910. Of course, we'd think, maybe the road is narrow, perhaps there are animals in the road etc etc. But what do the accidents on this stretch of road have in common? Those involved in many of the accidents, report that a "disembodied pair of Hairy Hands" grabbed the handle bars or steering wheel, and forced them to the side of the road! Sounds like perhaps some of these accident victims had spent too much time in the pub. That's what local police though as well, at least until June of 1921, when Doctor E.H. Helby, the medical Officer for local Dartmoor Prison was killed in a motorcycle accident on the stretch of road. He had been traveling along the road, with his two young daughters in the sidecar of his motorcycle at the time. Although he was killed, his daughters survived the accident. His daughters reported that their father had seen "hands" on the handlebars forcing them off the road just before they crashed. While one incident may be written off as a fluke, the hands would strike again.

On August 26, 1921 an army Captain would suffer an accident in the exact spot as the doctor. He would report to police that a "pair of hands, covered in hair" had taken hold of him, and forced his motorcycle off the road. Following the Army Captain's report, the newspapers would report the story in London, and the story became known nationwide. The reports of accidents caused by a ghostly pair of hands continue to this day. An official investigation was even launched into the stories, and the road investigated. While no "official" findings on the "hands" were found, the road was improved in several areas.

So now along with the other risks involved in riding your motorcycle in the UK, such as fog, animals, and rain, you can now add disembodied hands to the list! This was one legend we just had to look into further, and if any of our friends in England can add anything to this please let us know. Until then, keep the rubber side down, and don't let anyone "lend you a hand" unless you ask for it. This has been another portion of LRS Myths, Legends and Tales from the Road...

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